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Group Walks

Group Walks

Natural pack animals, the majority of dogs operate best while walking within a group. With one of our skilled walkers leading the way, the dogs organize themselves into a social pecking order, putting each of them at ease with their place in the world.


From there, the newly formed pack will embark on West Toronto adventures with their walker guide, exploring trails, parks, places off the beaten path, and even the beaten path itself. No matter the weather, we walk every day, and we walk everywhere!


We promote polite socialization amongst the dogs, creating an environment of respect and friendship in which each of them can thrive. The dogs quickly learn how to walk in step with one another, working together for the benefit of the collective. For their efforts, the dogs are rewarded with full hearts prideful for a job well done.


Your dog will enjoy a long, fun, leashed fast-paced walk with friends, hounding around town with their friends from Hounds Around Town.


A Group Dog Walk with Hounds Around Town involve:


  • A 50-minute walk around West Toronto

  • Socialization with other dogs

  • Food and water bowls filled, as needed

  • Lots of rubs and a treat!

  • An email with highlights from the walk

Group Walk - $20.00 (plus HST)50-minute walk 

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