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Hounding Around Town 

Food Delivery


If you're like one of our many customers who lack the time - or the transportation - required to make getting food for your pet anything less than an arduous chore, let Hounds Around Town deliver the kibble right to your door.


Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly - we work with you to set up a schedule that'll ensure that your dog or cat never goes hungry again.


Vet & Groomer Appointments

Does your dog need a ride? Unless he or she is one of the rare canines to pass their driver's test, chances are that your pet needs a little help getting around town. That's where Hounds Around Town comes in. 


You make the appointment with your groomer or vet, and we'll make sure Fido gets there in plenty of time, while confirming your specific instructions to the enlisted animal care specialist. We're your eyes and ears when your dog or cat is getting what it needs, and your precious pet will be back home and waiting for your by the time you're finished work.


What could be better?



Hourly Rate - $35.00 (plus HST)

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