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Individual Walks

Individual Dog Walks


Not quite loners, some dogs are better suited to the personal, one-on-one attention of a private walk. Maybe Buster doesn't like another dog's nose in his unmentionables, or maybe he doesn't like being "one of the guys". Whatever the case may be, there's a good chance that he might benefit greatly from a private walk.


With an individual dog walk from Hounds Around Town, we come to your house and walk your furry friend through the familiar surroundings of his own neighbourhood. We customize the walks to fit your dog's specifc needs.


A fast-paced walk for an energetic dog, a leisurely stroll for a senior hound, or even a jog in the park for the pup that loves to run. These personalized walks are Ideal for puppies, seniors, shy and introverted dogs, or those who simply desire the undivided affection and attention that only a good one-on-one walk can provide.


As part of the service, we offer:


  • A walk around your neighbourhood

  • Food and water bowls filled, as needed

  • Lots of rubs and a treat!

  • An email detailing the highlights of our walk


30-minute walk  - $20.00 (plus HST)

60-minute walk - $35.00 (plus HST)


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