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Midday Visits

Express Visits

For a dog that needs a quick potty break, belly rub, and treat. Feeding, litter clean-up, and check-ins available for cats and other pets. 

Puppy Visits

Puppies need a lot of care and attention. They often can exhibit separation anxiety and need to relieve their bladders frequently, as they house train. Hounds Around Town can help!


We come and visit your puppy twice a day, using our expertise to help your pooch along on his journey to being a professional dog. We'll help get him going to the bathroom outside, walking on a leash, and learning the finer points of what it means to be a good boy or girl. 


At Hounds Around Town, puppies aren't just cute; they're our specialty!

Senior Visits

Senior dogs may have bladder issues, require medication, and need some love and care while you are out during the day.


There's nothing worse than leaving a senior alone all day while you're at work, so we help ease the situation by offering everything your elderly dog might need to have a great day. That way, you can come home from work with the knowledge that your well cared for pet is ready to do all the fun activities that you enjoy together.


Our senior visits are customized to your dog, but can include:


  • A 10-minute visit

  • Potty breaks

  • Belly rubs & play time (if appropriate)

  • Treat, water, feeding as required

  • Administer medication, as required

  • An email update of the visit/walk


1 visit a day - $15.00 (plus HST)
2 visits a day - $30.00 (plus HST)


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