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Our Mission



Hounds Around Town is a West Toronto-based company providing the best in canine and feline care. We take our business seriously, and endeavour to acquire the best and latest qualifications and certifications to keep our company on the cutting edge of the industry, We are dedicated to offering our clients, both human and canine, a professional, courteous, enjoyable, and hassle-free experience.


More importantly, we are lifelong animals lovers, who have - through experience and education - learned how to care for dogs and cats in ways that enrich their lives and relationships. We are committed to providing your beloved animal with exercise, companionship, leadership, and anything else it may need in your absence. We are constantly assessing your dog or cat's needs and working towards meeting them.


As your pet care specialist, Hounds Around Town does its best to offer sound, experienced pet advice while treating your animal like a part of our own family. We also treat your home with the upmost respect, conscious of the trust that you've put into us by handing over your keys. 


Hounds Around Town will always offer industry competitive prices and fair rates for all of our services. We are committed to helping the animal community in our area, and pledge part of our profits to animal-related charities at the end of each fiscal year.


We guarantee 100 percent satisfaction to both our pet and human clients, and pledge to work tirelessly in an effort to meet the needs the dogs, cats, and people in our community. We love dogs and cats, and pledge to always care for the animals left in our care as if they were our own.



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