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Meet the Team



Meet Steve


Steve Nyczyk has been a dog lover all his life, and a dog walker in the Junction/High Park area of Toronto for the past several years. More recently, Steve has taken to learning the finer points of dog training and obedience from his mentor, Dorothy Avery of Mother Knows Best. Dedicated to helping clients achieve the best possible relationships with their canine friends, Steve works tirelessly to learn about the latest advancements in dog behaviour and training techniques. Having walked countless miles with a multitude of dogs by his side, Steve brings a calm demeanour and compassion for animals to every interaction with man's (or woman's) best friend and is focused on achieving results. Committed and dedicated to dog walking, training, and obedience, Steve brings a variety of skills to Hounds Around Town and is passionate about improving and enriching the lives of dogs and their people. 



Meet Christina


Christina Bowe has always had a pup by her side. Raised with rescue dogs, she learned about establishing pack leader status at a young age. From an early age, she was amazed and inspired to see the ways in which training, consistency, and a lot of love could transform her dogs. Following the birth of her two children, Christina was looking for something that was more than just a job, a career that could combine her love of the outdoors with her passion for animals. Dog walking offered the perfect opportunity, and Christina has spent the past several years walking the sidewalks and trails of West Toronto with a variety of furry friends. With years of experience, a love and passion to help animals, along with a commitment to offering dogs the best possible experience, Christina brings a little bit of everything to Hounds Around Town.






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